Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Onomatopoeia Examples!

Boom! Here is a list of 101 onomatopoeia examples used in complete sentences. Feelings of excitement will whoosh over you. You will be blown away by the booms and bangs. You may just tinkle your britches. Well, at least you'll find a lot of examples of onomatopoeia. Anyway, check out some of these fine examples:
  1. The two-year old crashed into the cabinet.
  2. The cabinet opened with a distinct creak.
  3. Dissatisfied with her work, Beth crinkled up the paper and threw it in the trash.
  4. The swamp frogs croaked in unison.
  5. The teacher heard the distinct crunch of ruffled potato chips.
  6. Jacob could not sleep with the steady drip-drop of water coming from the sink.
  7. The root beer fizzed over the top of the mug.
  8. The flag flapped in wind.
  9. Did you forget to flush the toilet?
  10. Daryl gargled the mouthwash.
  11. The wounded soldier groaned.
Kaboom! If your head is ringing with excitement, check out the full list.